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All About Being a Personal Attendant

Personal attendant

Being the personal attendant for a bride on her wedding day is an important job full of tasks and to-do list, but also a really honorable one. Not only are you one of the bride’s closest friends, but you are one of her most trust worthy, reliable and sweetest friends too. Just remember that the bride chose YOU for this job and to be an important person on her and the groom’s most important day of their lives.

7 Important Duties of the Personal Attendant(s)

1. Create an Emergency Kit

Because you are her go-to friend that will be around her the most throughout the day, it is important for you to create an emergency kit for those “just in case” moments.

Things to Include:

  • Bobby pins
  • Safety pins
  • Deodorant
  • Ibuprofen
  • Her perfume
  • Her lipstick
  • Bandages
  • Water
  • Little snacks (banana, fruit snacks, granola bar)
  • Tide-to-Go
2. Be the Point of Reference for Family Photos

During family photos, it is really helpful to the photographer and the couple if you can help go through the shot list (ask the photographer if she/he would like your help). This would include telling the photographer groupings and crossing them off. Simple job but really helps eliminate stress for both the photographer and the family, especially the bride and groom. PLUS, you likely know more people by name than the photographer does.

3. Be Close for the First Look

The first look is an emotional and important moment for the couple full of raw emotions. During this time, the photographer may need assistance getting the groom set up and making sure he doesn’t peak as she is grabbing the bride. During this time, it is helpful for the personal attendant to fluff/prep the bride’s dress before he takes his first look. After the couple has a moment of hugging and loving each other, the personal attendant should help touch up the bride’s makeup if it needs it or anything like that before we jump into couple photos (making sure the bride looks her best is actually a great job throughout the entire day).

I highly recommend bring her touch-up makeup, tissues, bobby pins, etc.

4. Right-hand gal

It is super helpful when the personal attendant introduces themselves to the vendors, especially if the bride would like questions directed towards you rather than her. Just let the vendors know who you are and that if they have any questions you will be around and to feel free to ask anything!

As the personal attendant your main job is to take care of the bride which means eliminating as much stress as possible, being near her throughout the entire day, keeping everything on track (so make sure you have a copy of the timeline so you can tell dad when he has to be ready if he doesn’t know), bring the right items to the wedding ceremony and reception, and overall just help with any issues that may arise.

5. Never Let a Bride Go Hungry

For some reason, more often than not Brides will forget to drink water and/or eat throughout the morning because of stress, nerves, or just being busy. This is where you, the personal assistant come in. You can bring a water along to the first look or encourage fluids while she is getting her hair done. You can also make sure the rest of the bridal party is drinking and eating, you would hate for someone to pass out.

6. The Errand Friend

As the personal attendant, the bride may call on you to pick up something the morning of or maybe run back to her house to grab something she forgot or maybe even grab her another coffee. This is a great way to fulfill some of your personal attendant duties. This is part of your job – again, your job is to make sure the bride has everything she needs for the best day of her life.

7. Personal Attendant Attire

If you are the bride reading this, give your personal attendant(s) a color and general idea of what dress to wear. Your personal attendant(s) should fit into photos and stand out from the guests to really show that she is (they are) a guest of honor.

If you are the personal attendant reading this and have NO CLUE what to wear, ask the bride. If she is not sure what color to wear, choose a color that she is using throughout her day. My main wedding colors are taupe and rust. My bridesmaids are wearing taupe, so i asked my personal attendants to wear a rust colored dress.

>>Your job is important – remember that<<

All About Being a Personal Attendant

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